Petro Ceremony

As the ethnologist Alfred Métraux describes, “the word Petro inescapably conjures up visions of implacable force of roughness and even ferocity” (1972).

The Petro rituals use defensive and offensive magic, and can help to obtain justice for someone who has been wronged. The ritual of possession, which appears in the Petro Ceremonies, constitutes the most important way to connect the spirits or ancestors with human beings. A possession crisis appears when the voodoo practitioner is in a situation of marriage with a Loa and becomes his “horse.” The possessed person suffers from amnesia, which is explained by the fact that no one can be at the same time god and human. This possession crisis generally appears in a ceremony called Manger-Loa and constitutes the major happening in the voodoo ceremony.

This Ceremony was celebrated in Perestil San Ranqu’une, Lilavois 11. Bon Repos (Haiti), less than an  hour driving from Port-Au-Prince.

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