Saut de Mort

Every year in summer thousands of pilgrims from all over Haiti make the religious journey to the small village of Ville Bonheur and the nearby Saut d’Eau waterfall. It is believed that 150 years ago the spirit of Virgin Mary has appeared on a palm tree close to the waterfall. Haitians wearing only underwear perform a bathing and cleaning ritual under the 100-foot-high waterfall. Vodou followers (many Haitians practise both vodou and catholicism) hope that Erzulie Dantor, the Vodou spirit of water, manifest itself and they get possessed for a short moment, touched by her presence.

Working in this reportage  I cannot forget a tragedy that I have lived 2 months ago, on July 2011. While St d’Eau was a party full of dancing and enjoying Rara bands in the cascade, it followed a huge stone, killing four people, a dramatic event I had the opportunity witnessed. There appeared no police, no ambulances, no one, just a couple of photographers were there.

The next day, as if nothing had happened, Saut d’Eau returned to the party, Rara bands, Voodoo, etc.

The value of life in some countries have other considerations.


Documentary, Travel